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Things I Think: Check the Sources

In our Things I Think column, Jordan “BDJ” Taylor speaks on all things music, sports, culture, and any other random thoughts that cross his mind on a weekly basis.

This week I offer a word of caution — beware of anyone that has all of the answers. This word of caution extends to podcasters, news anchors, relatives, shit, even me. This advice stems from Brittany Renner’s appearance on Fresh & Fit and Ari Lennox’s on Podcast and Chill, but I think these instances are symptoms of a larger cause at hand.

As easy as it is to create a platform, it’s not so easy to prove a platform’s credibility. In fact, we’re in an era where all you need is a clean enough presentation, consistent fan engagement, and, of course, enough messiness to go viral. We’re constantly being bombarded with corny, made up, and unimportant shit now more than ever before.

Be aware of what you guys give your attention to. Forget names, views, clout, and money — you have to judge every thing you see against your personal compass to figure out whether it’s legitimate. If you don’t, we end up encouraging lame shit. See you here next week.

What Had Happened Was

  • We’re just one round of playoff games away from the Super Bowl, so please enjoy these assorted NFL hot takes:
    • With Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow at the forefront, the future of the AFC is in good hands. And that’s before you consider names like Trevor Lawrence, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson potentially entering the conversation, too.
    • I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, but we’ve definitely seen the last of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.
    • Sign me up for a Chiefs/Rams Super Bowl ASAP. The last time these two teams played, we witnessed one of the most entertaining football games of all time.
    • Quick reminder: NFL overtime rules suck.

  • We got a great episode of Power Book II: Ghost this week. It was definitely shocking to see Carrie Milgrim become the latest deceased character, but it makes total sense. And I just want to go on record saying that Zeke Cross is a complete dumbass. I’m talking Eddie Winslow, Junior Kyle, Kel Kimble levels of stupidity. Bro, why are you worried about your NCAA eligibility at a time like this?! You just found out that your aunt is your mother and Rick Fox is your father — c’mon yo.
  • Some things don’t concern me as a civilian, so we’re going to tread lightly here. While I cannot in good conscience condone artists potentially incriminating themselves using hundred dollar bills, I can react to their actions — and the multitude of hilarious memes that follow.

  • Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Big Sean, and some other prominent rap artists are working to get legislation passed that would make it illegal to use rap lyrics in court proceedings. The next step will be to break rappers out of the habit of recording incriminating shit… like sending threats on Instagram spelled out in money.

Questions That Need Answers

Who decided that the Green M&M was all of a sudden too sexy?

Support The Homies

This week in homie support, we’re showing love to Swavor — founded by Shek Tarawallie. The thing that I love about Swavor most is their attention to detail. Every piece that the brand creates has a story behind it, making it one of the more creative out there.

My Favorite Song This Week 

“In Dolph We Trust” by Big Moochie Grape & Paper Route Empire

Sometimes tribute songs fall short. It’s a tough balancing act to create a song that acts as a tribute to someone you love and also make it an enjoyable piece of music. Big Moochie Grape did that with his homage to the late, great Young Dolph.

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Jordan "BDJ" Taylor is a content creator, podcast host and GOAT. BDJ's passion comes from creating dope sh*t with his friends and inspiring people. In BDJ's spare time he's probably still working on something or hanging out with his dog Spike.

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