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Welcome to The Fourth Quarter - We Made It

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Welcome to The Fourth Quarter – We Made It

I can go on all day about The Fourth Quarter family, there numerous names that made this dream a reality

Damn man, just like that The Fourth Quarter is here! After months of planning, we finally have something to show you all. It’s been a while since I’ve sat at my computer with WordPress open trying to find the perfect way to articulate my thoughts. Shit, it’s been so long that some of you all probably have no idea that I used to write. I know shocking right? Working Title’s resident motormouth actually got his start in media by writing for a website called The Demo Tape. That experience was a roller coaster ride man. I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now, if not I’ll give you a brief summary; my high school friend Justice Gray and I started a website on a whim based on a suggestion that one of his college journalism professors made. After being rejected from every journalism internship I applied for, I jumped at the chance.

Through that experience I wrote my ass off. I challenged myself to step outside of my comfort zone. Growing up I always leaned towards the introverted side. Even if you see me out these days it’ll be on the wall holding a drink, not in the middle of the dance floor. So imagine how much it took for my aloof ass to approach people from Baltimore to California with what was basically an elevator pitch about the little blog that me and my guys started. 

One of the dopest parts of this journey has been seeing the growth in the people around me. When Brandon Austin started with us he was finishing his undergrad career. Now the “Trench Advisor” is happily married celebrating the birth of his first child. Don’t think that’ll slow him down though, as soon as those nursery rhymes are over it’s back to Baltimore’s finest trap hits. 

Our resident Swiss-army knife Gabrielle Manning-Jones began as a staff writer but quickly showed us that her true value was as a Jack (or Jill?) of all trades. If there’s ever a question about anything, it brings me peace knowing that Gabby has the answer and a random ass story to go with it. 

We were introduced to our Editor-in-Chief Njera Perkins when she was a college student figuring it all out, a lot like how Justice and I were when we first started. To see her blossom into an acclaimed writer, discovering herself and her voice fills me with pride. She took the baton and ran it up accumulating writing credits for The Gumbo, AfroTech, Shadow and Act, DailyRapFacts while navigating a career in New York City.

Rounding out the squad is the young legend himself, Craig Lee. When I first started writing, Craig was someone I looked towards as the standard. His ability to blend hip-hop dialogue with acute self-awareness is special. His profile is a little higher these days, but Craig is the same humble dude he was when we first met. 

I can go on all day about The Fourth Quarter family, there are names too numerous to mention that made this dream a reality. If I named every single one of you individually this thing would be longer than a Harry Potter book – the point is that it doesn’t matter how you arrived here. Once you’re here, you’re family. This platform exists for us to do what we love, but it wouldn’t be possible without you all. This is a place for readers, writers, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and everybody else under the sun to feel at home. I’m just honored you’re here.

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Jordan "BDJ" Taylor is a content creator, podcast host and GOAT. BDJ's passion comes from creating dope sh*t with his friends and inspiring people. In BDJ's spare time he's probably still working on something or hanging out with his dog Spike.

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